Color Talks: Why Black-White So Popular In Fashion?


Black and white have won the top place in fashions. While for most people, they do not know that there are reasons for it, not built in one day.  As times goes by, and fashion develops continuously, it’s been a long time for black and white color to become the classic color for fashion, not being out of date, never be replaced.

New fashion season will come, and designers will take new palette for new trend, but you will find that black and white will not go out of your wardrobe.

Why Black-White So Popular In Fashion? Today let us find the answers!

About Black-White Popularity

Black and white tells us two stories both about the Queen Victoria. In year of 1840, on her wedding with Prince Albert, Queen Victoria choose white as the color of wedding dress. it seems not special, but those who get used to colorful dress is shocked. Although Queen Victoria is not the first person to wear white in royal family, but her great fashion makes the white color wedding dress as the past trend and present tradition.


About the black story, it is that in the 40 years after his husband passed away, Queen Victory always wearing black for mourning her lover. And at the same time black clothing impresses people, making the uncommon black wearing, even the black jet jewelry come back to fashion. Black has come the gravest and noblest color.


Additionally, black is the main fashion color in people’s daily life in 14th century. Superior quality black is not easy to coloring, and only when collocated with black dressing, can luxury jewelry show brightness and charms to the fullest. And in 16th century, due to the religious innovation, black are in vogue! At the end of the 16th century, black clothing with white collar are welcoming in most royal families. The present man suits comes from that time.


White is easy to get dirty, so it mostly used in rich families at that time. In 18th century, white wig as one necessity in social occasions stands for social status and fashions. While in the new-classical 19th century, people find the fashion creative ideas from country life. Cotton chemise and imported India calico enjoys high popularity.



After reading the above details, have you know more about Black and White? While when it refers to black and white fashion, is it remind you of a typical fashion brand? Next time, I will share you all a well-known fashion design brand, which takes black and white as the main palette.

If you have any good ideas about it, just share it here.


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