Black & White Classic Lasting Forever

Let me love black and white color once more. Black and white is my favorite color and last time I had talked something about Why Black-White So Popular In Fashion? You know in the fashion area, there are so many great designers with beautiful works to tell us that Black and White Classic Lasting Forever. And today, let us walk closed to those representative beauties.

“I always say that black contains everything, so does white. Their beauty is perfect and absolutely harmonious. At the party, a woman in black or white is the focus.” COCO CHANEL said.

Oct. 1926 Vogue Illustration. The first show of Little Black Dress in Vogue

Lady Chanel undoubtedly is the key push hand to make black white come back and be classic in modern fashion history. The 1926 little black dress, different styles of iconic black-white suits, COCO CHANEL becomes the unique and icon design in that time’s competitive fashion.

Hence, black and white plays the important role in fashion. Till the 1850s, from several fashion designers, Hollywood icons, different fashion magazines such as Vogue, countless black and white designs came into being and become indelible marks.

Vogue, Apr.1950 Classic Black White Theme Cover
Grace Kelly Classic Black White Dress at 1954 Movie Rear Window

In 1860s, black and white got new and various forms of interpretation by the effect of pop art. Like black-white checkerboard design lasting on the popular lists, black-white stripe modern design. As the booming of feminism, Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent come out from the black-white inspiration. Black and white design is inherited and recreated by all designers, achieving the lasting classic legend of black-white.

Katherine Pastrie in black white pop art printing suit, Sep.1965, Vogue, Photo by Norman Parkinson
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Spring 1974
1972 Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture Series. The fusion and evolution of black white.
60s Classic Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent, 1975 Vogue France, Photo by Helmut Newton
2014 Matthew Wiliamson A/W Season Black White Fashion

Have you been captured by the beauty of black and white? If yes, why not take one to two black white clothing for your wardrobe, that will level up your wardrobe and your wearing style. Let us love black white once more!


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