Want to Buy A Shirt? White Shirt and Stripe Shirt Is The First Choice!

When it comes to shirt, what is the first thing come into your mind? The girl you loved at your youth? Or your lady boss? The same shirt when collocated with different pants and shoes, can create different styles. In 1920s, Coco Chanel took the lead to bring man characters into lady’s design. White shirt enjoys high popularity in that time, being the classic single product and must have for a wardrobe. You can go with a chic style just wearing a white shirt alone, and become a modern woman by it with other collocations. So, everybody love shirt! Do you?

When applying fashion elements such as lotus leaf shape, bow-tie, long sleeves on a classic white shirt, it makes more possibilities!


How chic of Victoria Beckham is! A white shirt of her own brand name with a long black pant, putting the shirt hem into the waistband, it looks random, classic  and casual. And please remember that a pair of flat shoes will add points to it!

Karolina Kurkova seen out in Manhattan on SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 in New York City, New York

Look at Karolina Kurkova’s black short leather pants and canvas shoes, the pureness and simplicity of white shirt is highlighted to the fullest!


The black high heels and choker makes lvanka trump looks thinner. Do not forget these small effective tips to make you standing-out!

Estudiantes Club Visits Queen Letizia at Zarzuela Palace

If you do not know how to control a white shirt, the Spain Queen tells you!

And recently, what you can not miss must be the heating-up striped shirt! It comes in wide designs for you and have you got one best for yourself? The striped shirt can be romantic and endlessly fashionable!

2017 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week Street Snap ½ÖÅÄ#ŦԼ2017´ºÏÄʱװÖܳ±È˽ÖÅÄ

New and pretty, the long striped shirt works well with the black short leather skirt.


BF style is also called oversize style! I do love it and that is a must have! BF style is suitable for each girl, it is easy to collocate, casual and handsome. You can wear it at home or going out, that is your unique style!

2017 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week Street Snap Street Style ½ÖÅÄ#°ÍÀè2017´ºÏÄʱװÖܳ±È˽ÖÅÄ

Sometime,  a simple belt will give your big surprise! The belt is good at showing your small waist. Now, get a pair of sunglasses and black high heels! You are the focus in the crowd!


When a pink striped shirt meets pleated skirt in same color, with a pure white high heels, yes, you could be Victory 2!

Street Style, Day 2, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 23 Feb 2017

Popular striped shirt must be a member of your wardrobe, it is classic and timeless! At the same time, it changes and make your style!

A shirt will never go out-of-date, it is absolutely the most valuable investment in your wardrobe! If you have a beautiful white or striped shirt, come on girl! Just show it out!


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