Why Necessary Accessories?

Can you touch the feel when people put their “trophy” on body ?  When residents find beautiful shells seaside, hunters get the beast’s teeth back in prehistorical era. Perhaps, just feeling like putting gorgeous jewelry on your neck in front of mirror. Identity, wealth, glory, this is why accessories listing, more than a practical use.

People all love beauty, chase beauty. Fashion accessories become the necessity in life.

Queen and her pearl necklace 

In the middle age, the Europe migration era,  accessories have become one kind of  property easy to carry,  the collection value and appreciation potential make accessories spread and popular so far. While it is few to know,  the most popular accessory is the jewelry, which is weak at rising in value.  Even so, most royal and celebrity fall in love with its natural beauty.

queen and her pearl necklace
the pelican portrait Queen Elizabeth, about year of 1575

Queen Elizabeth has deep love for jewelry and push the luxury royal vibe. In all of her pictures, you will find a bushel of pearls in her clothing.

Queen Alexandra, 1887
Queen Alexandra, 1887
Alexander McQueen 2013
Alexander McQueen 2013, inspired by queen
Alexander McQueen 2013 collar shape pearl acc
Alexander McQueen 2013 collar shape pearl acc

The choker necklace is inspired by Queen Alexandra, which is one of the most stylish and classic necklaces.

La Peregrina–the Wanderer
Elizabeth Taylor in La Peregrina–the Wanderer

One of the most famous pearl is La Peregrina–the Wanderer, wearing by many queens like Mary I of England, Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain, Elisabeth of France, Queen of Spain.  After the 500-year-of-inherit, La Peregrina–the Wanderer is bought by hollywood star – Richard Burton at $37,000, for the Valentine’s gift for his wife – Elizabeth Taylor.

Fashion beyond practicality – Identity Props

On the eve of renaissance, the desire for non-necessity is born in the rich, stimulating the upper classic yearning for novelty and rare things. The rule on limit of luxury life and clothing is not workable anymore. Although the accessories are not the necessities, not practical, even useless, people still are fascinated with this small things.

conical hat in 1430
conical hat in 1430, Hans Holbein

In middle age,  the conical hat with scarf is the symbol of nobility. From then on, the hat comes in variety of designs and styles. At that time, hats and headdress are more than fashion accessories, they become the necessity of wearing, representing the social identity and etiquette.

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, 1783

The luxury and complex headdress is popular in middle of 18th century, wide hat with feather, flower, lace, etc. They are the must have for ladies when taking a walk or social party. While nowadays, the hats design are trend to be simple and minimal, the luxury headdress is few to use, but these head-landscape still plays importantly in modern fashion.

Dior 2000
Dior 2000, inspired by Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette 2006 movie
2006 movie, Marie Antoinette

In the beginning of 16th century, accessories develop in Europe. Gloves made of high-end leather and decorated with embellishment, are the gift to show respect and love. Fans are the hot acc in many tropical countries, especially common to see in rich ladies using in luxurious party and theater.

In 1892,  the drama Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde,  the FAN showed as a perfect present.  When it comes to 19th century,  it is thought that a lady should have snow-white skin, dark is pool and low style. A small sun umbrella is a new trend.

A Garden Stroll
Auguste Toulmouche, A Garden Stroll, 1877

Till the booming 20th century,  accessories fashion went through their last golden time. Fan of ostrich feather is the most fashionable decor in banquet. For those having their beach holiday, sun umbrella is still the must have for fashion.

Louis Vuitton 2012

As time goes by, these luxuries hand-landscape develops to be more and more functional, changing with people’s demand on accessories.

Well, fashion gone by time, but style remains!




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